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January 8, 2012
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MM: Averna Salice by sijumon MM: Averna Salice by sijumon

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Name: Averna Salice
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Year Level: Year 3rd (Senior Foreign Exchange Student)
Weapon: Katana (A gift from her mother who just passed away after they've returned to Japan)

Arcana Rank: I

Suit: Swords
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 129 lbs
Nationality: Japanese


RPG games
swords / katanas
sweet and salty foods
instrumental music
horror movies
dark / gloomy environment
zombie apocalypse


spicy foods
crowded/ populated places
disturbing sounds
annoying classmates
calling her 'Averna'


140% Tsundere.
Quite cold outside. But she really care for those people who values her.
She doesn't want people to interfere on what she is doing.
She doesn't want to leave any questions unanswered.
She's very independent and doesn't want to.
She has an exceptional ability to turn theories and ideas to solid plans of actions when needed.
She's friendly but also she's very shy to the point that every-time she met someone cute (or not) she got this 'poker/ emotionless face' and people tend to be scared.
She doesn't care if someone rejected her. Because it's not a big deal.


Observer/ Examiner. Ava will most likely to observe first the situation before jumping into conclusions.
Good reflexes and speed. She's very good in fighting and because she were trained by her mother.
Versatile. She can do anything and multi-task everything.
Self- Disciplined. Ava is a hard working student. She always rejects intermediate satisfaction for gaining long-term fulfillment. She's not the type of person who doesn't work regardless of emotional/ mental/ physical state.
Not afraid of death. Her parents died and because she believes that it's natural and everyone will come to and end.


Too quite. She isn't very good with words and afraid of telling how she feels.
Independent. She always want to work alone. Because it irritates
Guilt feelings. She always tend to blame herself when something bad happen.
Tends to over dominate others this why she does not want to join in any groups.
Moody and Sensitive. When she remember her parents, she often cries over them. She sometimes taking things to personal when in comes to friendship and family and getting too disappointed when things are done in the wrong way.


Ava or Averna Salice is a 18yrs old student born on November 2nd in England with the natural black hair. She is PURE Japanese, her mother and father are Japanese living in England for 20 years. Her family name was first Matsumoto but later on she changed it to --- Salice. Her mother were a professional martial artist while her father is an archeologists collector of artifacts. Her mother trained her how to fight because it was practiced by their family ancestors and passed down to next generation. Her family is very famous in England because of their 'Antique Shop'--- the Black Shop (very shady indeed). This shop is famous because it's the only antique shop in England that sells 16th to 19th weapons and some of the rarest and hard to find items. Her name originated from an antique item; that her mother found in the collections of their ancestors. The Avaernas Rubra Amuletum which is only found in their family shop. After Ava turned 16, her parents decided to returned to Japan to widen their family business. But a tragic event happened that changed her life; her parents died to 'unknown disease' when she was 16 after returning to Japan. It was said that by that time there are rumors of ghost and shadows sightings in the city of Kirikimori. Many cases had been reported that most of the patients that are rushed in hospitals are comatose and some of them died including Ava's parents.

A guy named Juris Matsumoto had been taken care of Ava for 2 years. Ava later found out that Mr. Juris is her uncle and gave her a katana. That katana is used first by her mother and passed down to her. She finishes 1st, 2nd year of high school in England and later on been transferred by her uncle to Higashimori High School...


VERY BAD in singing and memorizing lines! (BEWARE she sometimes accidentally replaces the lyrics to curses) that's why she always listen to instrumental music.
She sucks at making jokes EVER-TIME. NO ONE LAUGHS AT IT instead they creep out.
People always thought her hair isn't real but instead just a wig.
Her name 'Averna' means Queen of the Undderworld. She really hates it when people call her with that name. Because it's pretty awkward...

Morphos Points:

10,000 MP




Fight 'till the end!!
I can do this alone..
Mother... (summoning persona)
Death awaits you... (summoning persona)
Persona! (summoning persona)
You've missed (dodging attack)
I'm right here! (dodging attack)
*sigh*Are you blind? (dodging attack)
Tch! (getting hit)
you bastard! (getting hit)
t-that one.. h-hurts.. (getting hit)
Get up! (recovering)
T-too much d-damage.. (recovering)
You'll gonna pay for this!! (recovering)
I-it's too dark in here.. (failure to defeat an enemy)
I am not afraid to d-die.. (failure to defeat an enemy)
M-mother.. f-father.. I'm s-sorry.. (failure to defeat an enemy)
I'm more powerful now! (leveling up)
What is this power...? (leveling up)
We are victorious! (battle won)
I think I should stick with you guys.. (battle won)
Too easy.. (battle won)
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